Race for the Super App in India

Super App

The Super App phenomenon has been picking up steam lately. The concept of having a common marketplace for users could be a game-changer. The China hailing WeChat has successfully incorporated this model and has captured the South-East Asian market. Although this is relatively a new concept to the end user. This is a booming trend amongst app developers and mobile manufacturers.

There are several movements being made in the industry. Both from app developers and smartphone developers as well. In this blog, we look at the major movements and the key contenders in this space.

Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio is set to launch a super app, similar to WeChat, in India as it seeks to merge online-to-offline retail in the country, according to media reports. The super app will provide over 100 services on one platform.

Jio is now serving over 300 million subscribers in India as data and voice traffic has seen unparalleled growth. For many new mobile phone users, Jio was the medium that introduced them to the internet, e-commerce, digital transaction, net banking as well as entertainment. The concept of Super App, which requires some getting used to, would fly with this set of users, experts believe. “The thing about Jio is it exposed many people to the internet for the first time. Jio is the internet for many,” K Ganesh, founder, GrowthStory said. “For 300 million people, Jio will be what introduces them to e-commerce.” According to experts, for Jio inculcating the new habit of using one app would be much easier than it has been for others. Typically, Jio users are first-time mobile phone users who have handsets with limited space.

So, a Super App would be able to help them in all their digital commerce needs.


Since its inception in 2017, AppBrowzer has been an all-in-one app that contains multiple apps within the app. We call ourselves INDIA’S PREMIER ALL-IN-ONE SUPER APP! A one-stop solution to all your apps, AppBrowzer hosts over 500+ Apps in one app giving users the ability to have multiple categories in one app. Users now have access to multiples apps and services namely shopping, social media, cabs, flight, hotels booking, food games among others. Currently, there are over 2 million apps on the play store! The modern-day user is saturated by the sheer vastness of the mobile app world. The fundamental technology of mobile apps has remained the same ever since inception. What’s more, is users are spoilt for choice when it comes to mobile apps. On average, users only use a maximum of 30 application on their smartphone. This is a huge contrast to the 2 million on the play store. Time has come for a change in the mobile app world. Something that is fresh and next-gen. In comes the need for an app that has everything in one place – a Super App!


Another big player jumping into the Super App bandwagon is Amazon. According to reports,  Amazon India may soon start selling airline tickets and allow food orders leveraging the user base to generate more transactions within the app and eventually become a super app. The move signals a shift in strategy from e-commerce to becoming a one-stop place for mobile users. Amazon is in talks with other third party applications to make this a reality. These third-party applications are market leaders in their own verticals, thus bringing the best from all worlds in one world, one app- a Super App. The company is building using Amazon pay as a base for users to make transactions.

Apart from the mentioned names, there are other smartphone manufacturers that are heading in this direction. Exploring the possibility of integrating a super app layer to the hardware realm. Will this work? Only time will tell. All this being said, all the developments in this space are still only in the beginning. However, there is an onus on the companies heading in this direction to make the first mark and appeal to the masses. The question is not if one company will dominate but getting the right use case for every kind of the modern-day mobile user.

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