AppBrowzer’s Vision to Drive App Engagement in India

App Engagement

One metric that app developers worldwide strive to attain is user engagement. There has been a growing trend of users deleting apps not long after installing them. This has been an age-old problem. However, new data show apps extremely challenged with retaining their users. The sheer size in competition and user expectations has led to users not using them and even worse, uninstalling them.

There is something clearly wrong and it has to be talked about. AppBrowzer, ever since its inception has been a platform for users to use apps. AppBrowzer is essentially an all-in-one app also known as a Super App. In essence for mobile users, a one-stop solution to all apps. Our vision stemmed from the phrase ‘Browser for Apps’, where the mobile user would get instant access to any app at any time without the need to download the particular app. Users now get instant access to multiple categories such as shopping, gaming, travel, booking, recharge and much more.

After over 2 years on groundwork, we have managed to build a strong platform. App developers now have the possibility to be on the AppBrowzer platform through multiple integration options namely API, SDK and PWAs. From the year 2017, we have managed to successfully partner with top app developers across multiple categories namely – shopping, gaming, travel, food and so on. Some of our noteworthy partners include shopping giants such as Flipkart, Amazon, Shopclues. In the travel category, we have managed to get Ola and Uber on-board with plans to integrate with other players in the market. Similarly, apps are spread across different categories carefully curated by the team. Currently, we have over 500+ apps that serve as a ‘Super App’ for users to get access without the need to install outside the realm of the platform.

All this being said, we believe this is only one part of the problem. It is great to build an open ecosystem such as a ‘Super App’. The next big item to solve is user engagement for the apps inside this ecosystem. One of the most pivotal ways to increase app engagement is through user incentives. This cash-laden approach has been a trend for a while now. The AppBrowzer platform, if incorporated by developers, will allow apps to incentivize users to perform certain actions in their app, in-turn boosting engagement. For example, placing their first order, inviting friends or adding a payment method will all result in users earning a small sum of money.

Noteworthy Examples

A recent integration with the mobile app-based social network for addictive casual games Gamezop proves this point. We introduced a planned tournament based user incentive system. After a month of integration, we saw a 10x growth in app engagement.

“We are very happy to be working with AppBrowzer. It is among the most interesting integrations we have done, and the engagement numbers have been very promising. I’m very excited to see gaming scale up on AppBrowzer.”

— Yashash Agarwal, CEO – Gamezop

Similarly, with the hyperlocal community news platform PublicVibe, we noticed a significant spike in engagement through targeted app notifications in local languages. This gives a window of the opportunity in store for other app developers and service providers in their category. Further, through data analytics and detailed targeting, this will only help solve the case forward.

This seems the most viable future for app developers to consider. What’s more, developers have the flexibility to plan the rewards. Any transactions made by users will be split through the deal at the start of the integration. In essence, such a ‘Super App’ platform provides more power for developers to reach their audience and drive engagement through thoughtful rewards and user incentives.

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