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Q&A with Sunny & Venky - AppBrowzer

In this blog, we’re going to get into the minds of our two Co-Founders, Sunny Gurnani and Venkatesh Rao.

Who is Sunny & Venky?

Sunny, the CEO, is an MBA from Central Queensland University, Australia. He had earlier worked in a Sydney-based software enterprise, and also ran two startups. He recently moved to India and, after realising the pain points that app developers and smartphone users face in juggling different apps, decided to start AppBrowzer. 

Venkatesh aka Venky, is the Co-Founder and CTO at AppBrowzer. As an experienced network engineer with tech DNA, bringing with him expertise in Android, Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, Node.js, and Java. He worked with an IT infrastructure solutions and services company in Bengaluru before co-founding AppBrowzer. His passion lies in creating Next Generation Mobile Apps.

Q&A with Sunny & Venky


Q1. What is AppBrowzer and how did this journey all begin? (Sunny)

The year was 2017, when we looked at the state of the mobile application world, we knew something had to be done. Stats show that there are over 3 million apps on the play store! The modern-day user is saturated by the sheer vastness of the mobile app world. The fundamental technology of mobile apps has remained the same ever since inception. What’s more, is users are spoilt for choice when it comes to mobile apps. On average, users only use a maximum of 30 application on their smartphone. This is a huge contrast to the 3 million on the play store. We knew that something had to be done. To build an app that would bring everything in one place.

With all this in mind, what is AppBrowzer today? Well, AppBrowzer is essentially an all-in-one app also known as a Super App.  We call ourselves INDIA’S PREMIER ALL-IN-ONE SUPER APP! A one-stop solution to all your apps, AppBrowzer hosts over 500+ Apps in one app giving users the ability to have multiple categories in one app. Users now have access to multiples apps and services namely shopping, social media, cabs, flight, hotels booking, food games among others.

Q2. What were the challenges faced in building a Super App for India? (Sunny & Venky)

The major challenges came in two-fold. One was building a technology framework for a ‘Super App’ and two was partnering with businesses to come onboard AppBrowzer to showcase their service. Finding the right expertise, talent and skillset for such technology this was a task by itself. It took us over a year just form the basic framework. Another bottleneck was to partner with other businesses and apps for onboarding. In order to become a ‘Super App’, you would have to host different apps in one app. We were clear from the start that we wanted to create an open ecosystem. However, in the initial stages, it was a challenge to convince businesses, entrepreneurs, to come onboard AppBrowzer. Most did not understand the vision of an all-in-one app like AppBrowzer. But that is changing slowly. Now the good news is that this concept has picked up steam and businesses are more welcoming to onboard their apps on AppBrowzer.

Q3. What are the technologies used to bring this to reality? (Venky)

As we mentioned in the previous question, it was a challenge to set up the initial framework. Our target from the get-go was the mobile. In the initial stages, we developed a WordPress plugin that would convert websites to mobile native apps. However, the market wasn’t too ripe for this kind of technology because it was in its inception. Later on, we started approaching mobile applications in the market namely Flipkart, Amazon, among others to develop PWA (Progressive Web Apps) form and host it on AppBrowzwer. We also built our own rendering engine that would enable existing PWAs to native apps on AppBrowzer. Having noticed the progress and value in bringing applications together in one place, we had to make it easier for mobile apps or businesses to host their value-add on AppBrowzer. With the focus to be an open ecosystem, our integrations include three primary integrations. The most basic is a PWA integration which can be enhanced for a native experience. The next level is an API based and the third level is the SDK integration.  

Q4. What’s the End Goal/Dream? (Sunny)

To sum it all up, this is indeed our end goal –  to build an app that covers every single aspect for the mobile user of today. Whether it’s shopping, browsing through social media, playing games or ordering food, or whatever the next big thing is, we’re here for everyone. We want to redefine the way people use mobile apps. Our vision is to be a true super app, where developers are able to use our SDK and make their own version of express/instant apps to make it a part of AppBrowzer. We are partnering with multiple OEMs to become the smart software layer to their hardware.

Q5. Closing thoughts… (Sunny & Venky)

Ever since our inception, we’ve been trying to solve a need in the Mobile context. Fast forward today, with over 500+ apps on AppBrowzer, we’re enabling both businesses and end users in the mobile app world.

In a nutshell, we want to be the app for everything in life! Where everyone is one click away from everything…

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