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Entertainment Hub on AppBrowzer

The Media and Entertainment sector in India is on a meteoric rise.  It has been hitting new milestones by every passing year. According to a report by FICCI, The Indian Media and Entertainment (M&E) sector reached almost INR1.5 trillion (US$22.7 billion) in 2017, a growth of around 13% over 2016. With its current trajectory, it is expected to cross INR2 trillion (US$31 billion) by 2020, at a CAGR of 11.6%. (Source)

Mobile Entertainment on the rise 

Previously, mobile entertainment was having quirky wallpapers, peppy ringtones, videos and so on. However, now that is not the case, the post-modern mobile user has gaming apps, and infotainment, heavy video streaming applications and so on drive the entertainment world. Today every popular gaming application, a much-hyped TV show, or a blockbuster movie is embracing the app-technology, thus offering it as an access point to users. Entertainment is no longer restricted to closed doors and fixed time slots on the traditional TV or blockbuster. It’s the age of streaming media, where consumers can get entertained anywhere and everywhere. Especially with the sheer access to internet availability and subsidised mobiles entering the market, users are starting to embrace the mobile as their go-to source for everything including entertainment. With the digital era at hand, it has redefined the way we consume entertainment and media. Brands and businesses are focusing a lot more on putting out content for the mobile to gain market share.

The major categories that are penetrating the mobile entertainment space include Games, Music, Live Streaming TV Shows, and Movies. On that note, we at AppBrowzer being the Super App that we are, took this to the drawing board. We want to bring the best-enhanced experience to the modern mobile user. With the sheer rise in the entertainment industry, there was no shadow of a doubt for us to host entertainment as a part of AppBrowzer.

Entertainment on AppBrowzer

We had to do something to curate the best possible experience for our users. But how did we do this? Through innovative technology and web apps, we were able to get it all together in one place and category. Here is a list of apps we have hosted on AppBrowzer for users to browse, consume and enjoy.


In late 2018, we realised the need to host a gaming application. We are experts in providing the platform while we had to look at experts in the industry. Not long, we got in touch with Gamezop, a premier gaming company headquartered in Delhi. Gamezop is a destination for all kinds of casual games. In addition, what we loved was the social factor in the whole issue. Users can now play with fellow users and peers and win prizes for the same. Ever since the addition of Gamezop on AppBrowzer, we have a significant increase in user retention. This has been a game-changer for us, pun intended.

TV & Movies

This was a no-brainer for us, we had to include apps that provided the top-notch streaming content in India. In our TV & movies section, we have applications such as Hotstar, Voot, Zee5 and Jio Cinemas. The aim of doing was to bring the best of national and regional content to our user base. Now users can stream content anywhere, anytime without the need to download the mentioned apps independently. How cool is that?!

Entertainment Category

Well, this is self-explanatory, in this section of AppBrowzer we curated a bunch of applications that would give out exciting content. Apps like BookMyShow, CricBuzz, Meme maker, Flipboard, IMDB and much more. Users now with just a tap at the category will get access to multiple apps without the need to download any of them independently. This category provides for an unlimited list of entertainment apps which will give users the best enhanced experience on their smartphone. Now the mobile will be the go-to destination for all things entertainment! 


In this section, users will get instant access to various video-centric platforms. We added applications such as BuzzFeed, Ellen Show, MKBHD, VEVO, Dude Perfect and many more to give our users the best source for anything video related.

In Conclusion

We are always on the constant lookout to bring in the best apps and services for the postmodern user. We truly strive to be the one-stop solution to all your needs. This includes entertainment, now users with just one tap, get instant access to everything on entertainment. 

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