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The year was 2016, the mobile space in India was booming. Developers around the globe are on the constant hunt for the next big thing. The pressure to bring down costs and the addition of budget mobiles has changed the landscape completely. But what about Mobile Applications? We don’t really hear much about apps making headlines or breakthrough features. However, mobile apps are the driving growth of mobile devices in the first place. The fact of the matter is that a smartphone is only smart by the applications it can run on it. Something had to be done in this space…

Setting the Context

With over 2.6 million apps on the play store. Native app developers find it a challenge to reach their desired users. Only the few who have the advertising power and resources make the cut. On top of that, an average mobile user only has approx 35 apps. Looking at this trend in the market, the AppBrowzer team took a step back in 2015 to address this problem. It started the thought process internally between two minds- Sunny Gurnani and Venkatesh Rao. They realised something had to be done in the mobile app space. That started the journey to build a developer platform that can be used to develop rich mobile apps, apps that make use of existing web technologies and render as native apps, in turn providing the native experience.

The main aim was to give end users multiple apps without the need to install and download them separately. In turn, saving mobile space and improving overall performance. Our goal is to function as an affiliate partner and earn revenue from transactions that occur through the platform. Users will have instant access to different categories of apps such as shopping, social media, travel, cabs and more. Another problem surfaced, how would users get faster access to apps? Soon after, we launched a noteworthy feature – Smart Apps, that would allow users to simply swipe and get instant access to apps in a given category.

The Big Breakthrough

Every story has a pivotal moment, our moment was in January 2019. At the turn of the new year, we take a step back to see what best to bring to users. The team decided to bring the Rewards feature, that would bring rewards to users through the use of scratch cards. However, it had to be tested before it could be marketed at scale. Fast Forward to January 7, 2019, the date where it all took off. The feature gives a sense of anticipation and expectation for users to use the app. From here, all it took was an influencer to post about AppBrowzer’ scratch card feature on the messaging app Telegram in a group that contained 24k users.

It spread like wildfire to multiple messaging channels such as Facebook and WhatsApp groups. In no time, over 5 new videos were published on Youtube featuring the app along with this new feature. Within 48 hours, we gathered over 145,000+ installs! The next day we were trending in the No. 1 spot on the play store. With anything going viral, its an instant surge within a very short time. In fact, our servers couldn’t handle the amount for a short time. And in 4 days, we had over 300k+ Installs to their name. You can read more about this saga on our recent blog.

As of January 27, 2019, we hit the milestone of 1 MILLION users on the play store. A huge accomplishment for a small but dedicated team in Bangalore, India.

1 Million - AppBrowzer
The AppBrowzer Team Celebrating 1 MILLION Users

The AppBrowzer Dream…

The AppBrowzer goal is to build a ‘Super App’. So what is a Super App, quoting from the Gojek blog – ‘A Super App is many apps within an umbrella app. It’s an OS that unbundles the tyranny of apps. It’s the portal to the Internet for a mobile-first generation.’ Why do we need a Super App? India still hasn’t touched its potential when it comes to mobile and internet usage. However, it has seen an exponential rise over recent years. Not only does a Super App save space on the Mobile but it goes beyond. As mentioned before, according to statistica, there are over 2.4 million apps on the Google play store. A Super App solves a larger imbalance problem. It sits on top of a mobile OS by shrinking the time taken to complete a specific task and in turn, increase productivity. For the next billion users, it also adds UX elements that make it easier for users to get accustomed to mobile phone usage.

Concluding with a quote from our Co-Founder and CTO- Venkatesh Rao says “AppBrowzer is the next-gen mobile app for the 21st century”, in essence, we want to redefine the way we look at Mobile apps!

Visit our Blog Page to get the latest from Team AppBrowzer!

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