New Year, New Features on AppBrowzer


It’s 2019! As the new year dawns, there is always a sense of excitement for the NEW. This is a trend we see every year in every industry. At AppBrowzer, it is no different. We are in the constant run to bring the best experience to our users. Since our inception back in 2017, it was no turning back. We strive to become the All-In-App for the 21st century post-modern mobile user. This All-In-One trend is nothing new, WeChat back in the day was one of the most instrumental apps in the forefront. In fact, it has become a default must-have app for a majority of Chinese users. The app offers everything from making video calls and group chats. It also allowed users to do online shopping, pay for bills, book tickets and much more. It instantly became a hit to the mass in China.

The need for an all-in-one approach is only increasing. With more apps being deployed on the play store, it only makes sense for the user to have everything in one place. Everything from Shopping, Social Media, Booking and other most used features had to be on it. The team at AppBrowzer has been able to get the right balance for the modern user. The solution is to curate an app that will bring the best of all worlds. Fast-forward to today, we’ve got over 5 lakh installs with a rating of 4.5. However, in 2019, anything good will not remain good. In a fast-changing environment, everything is susceptible to change. Including AppBrowzer. With the turn of the new year, we have made several new changes that will bring about much-needed freshness.

List of NEW Features on AppBrowzer


Refreshed UI

An ordinary look will change the world. Said no one ever! The old saying is true, first impressions count. We have carefully redesigned the app UI to better accommodate only the. The majority of the changes were made on the home screen. Redesigning of the most-loved smart apps section is the first on this list. We carefully curated the most used categories. However, the challenge was to get them together in one place. The section gives users instant access to their most loved categories.

Old vs New UI, AppBrowzer
Old vs New UI

Smart Apps

This is the highlight of all our recent developments. Smart apps are basically the most used apps in a category. For example, under the category of shopping aka ‘Smart Shopping’ you have – Flipkart, Amazon, Shopclues and Snapdeal. Similarly, under Social Media aka Smart Social, you get Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. One of the turnkey features of Smart Apps is the ability to get access to all the apps with a simple swipe. This has major implications, a classic example is for Smart Shopping where users can now compare prices and so on. Another breakthrough feature is the addition of the ‘+’ symbol under the Smart Apps logos. On clicking this plus symbol you get the ability to add each Smart App on the home screen. Which means you can get access without even entering AppBrowzer. Without a doubt, this is the most-loved feature both by the internal team and users likewise.

Scratch Card Rewards System

We launched this feature at the turn of the new year. We are proud to say that AppBrowzer is one of the first few apps to have this unique feature. The only known players having this kind of specific scatch card feature are Google and PhonePe. The basic idea is to reward users for using the app. The more you use the app, the more rewards you get. Now users will get exciting new offers on a regular basis. We have added a whole new Rewards section on the top-right to give users a bunch of exciting new ways to get a scratch card.

Revolutionary Swipe Browser

At AppBrowzer, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of app technology. This is true for the brand new in-built web browser. Imagine using your web browser in a whole new way. That’s exactly what our in-built swipe browser does. Currently, under beta mode, the concept is simple yet revolutionary. It allows users to swipe for any query entered. This is very different from the conventional browser that only allows you to scroll top to bottom. The swipe browser gives you the conventional approach along with the swipe feature. This will free up unnecessary tabs and space. It’s a whole new way to search anything online!

Swipe Browser by AppBrowzer
Brand New Web Browser

New Partnerships

With the new year, comes new partners onboard. We are proud to obtain over 20+ corporate partnerships. Since our inception in 2017, we have over 5 lakh installs spanning across India with categories including Shopping, Social Media, Food, Deals, News, Travel and Booking. Some of our noteworthy partners/affiliates are Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Ola, Uber, Swiggy, Zomato Order, Ixigo, Trivago and many more. In 2019, we have onboard several top services that will add to the user experience. Very recently, we partnered with GrabOnRent, India’s leading online rental portal. To provide our users with a one-stop solution to all renting problems. AppBrowzer users get exclusive offers on GrabOnRent.

In Conclusion

In other exciting news, we hit half a million users on the play store! It’s all down to the pioneering features we bring to the mobile market. We are in the run to hit 1 Million users by the end of this month. We are here to make history. To change the way people use apps on the mobile. Stay tuned for more exciting news. Follow our Blog to get regular updates.


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