How we went Viral enough to bring our Servers down for a day!

AppBrowzer Viral

Going viral is never easy in this post-modern world. However, here is our story of going viral with a twist. In order to reach a wide audience, we have to look at multiple platforms. Our Marketing strategy for AppBrowzer was as cliche’ as any other. The more you reach out, the more is the possibility of onboarding users. We have used paid marketing, Google, Social Media, E-mail, you name it, we have researched and used them. But none of these channels made us viral. The thing about something that goes viral is that it needs immense impact in a short period of time. You can’t predict going viral as well. It’s something that happens when everything goes your way. 

Setting the Context

Track back a few months ago, our team sat down to introduce new features. The only reason you add anything new is to enhance the user experience. Further, mobile users look forward to new and exciting features. It started a thought process to introduce something that would bring a sense of excitement. The two trademark features that we introduced is the Swipe Browser and the Scratch Card System. The Swipe Browser is a brand new way to search the web in the mobile. The conventional way of searching the web in any device is typing a query and scrolling top to bottom to find the most relevant link. After clicking the link, a tab opens to that specific page. However, there’s a big difference with the swipe browser. It enables users to simply swipe giving instant access to the web pages. On the other hand, the scratch card feature works as a reward system. Basically, it gives users offers and rewards as they use the app.

How we went Viral

At the turn of the year, we launched these two features into the app. However, it had to be tested before we could market it at scale. Fast Forward to January 7, 2019, the date where it all took off. The feature gives a sense of anticipation and expectation for users to use the app. From here, all it took was an influencer to post about AppBrowzer’ scratch card feature on the messaging app Telegram in a group that contained 24k users. From there, it spread like wildfire to multiple messaging channels such as Facebook and WhatsApp groups. In no time, over 5 new videos were published on Youtube featuring the app along with this new feature. Within 48 hours, we gathered over 145,000+ installs!

AppBrowzer Viral Trending
Spike in Installs

This number is only climbing. The next day, we were placed at the 1st spot on the trending section of the Google Play Store!

AppBrowzer Viral Trending
No. 1 on the trending section of Play Store

With anything going viral, its an instant surge within a very short time. Eventually, our servers couldn’t handle the traffic which eventually led to a temporary downtime. Our technical team worked tirelessly over the night to get things sorted. We were able to get everything back to normal within a few hours.

Here is the thing that ticked, this feature is relatively new. Google Pay was one of the first to introduce this feature. We are early adopters to this trend which has translated to many users to install and explore this new feature. Across the country, users have poured in with love and support for this brand new feature. Through the most unexpected source, we went viral. It shows the importance of constantly improving and introducing features that will bring a mass appeal. Further, a simple message on a popular messaging channel was all it took to take off. This story is going to remain special to us as a team. 

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