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The recent years have seen incremental advancements made in the smartphone industry. Developers around the globe are in a constant rat race to deliver the best mobile device. Needless to say, this industry is never silent nor sleep. Boundaries are pushed regularly to get the most optimized output. Consumers want prices to be dropped while having the latest spec. Such is the pressure of this never-ending evolving industry. One thing common in the smartphone industry is trends. They come and they go. Something that’s great today will lose its steam in a couple of months. The recent trends have indicated the same. At its inception, a smartphone would have only one camera. Now we’ve got mobiles that have more than four, and this is also increasing by the year! The biggest trend over the last couple of years has seen the screen to body ratio. To get the best possible viewing area. The never-ending fight to cut bezzles and corners has brought a whole new dimension to the mobile screen. Similarly, other features like the notch, increased battery life, in-display fingerprint sensor and fast charging have changed the way we use smartphones.

Smartphone & Apps

Let’s cut to the chase. The bottom line is that a smartphone is only ‘smart’ by the applications aka apps it can run. Regardless of the brand and quality, it  is the apps that bring the smartphone to life. It’s 2019 and you can’t live without apps. We use them to chat with friends, order food, take photos and the list is unending. And according to the statistics, we spend more time using our smartphones as compared to PCs. Such is the advancement in the mobile space. Back in 2010 with the launch of the iPhone, everything changed! Many believed it would be the start of a new evolution of mobile technology, and they were right. When Apple launched their app store in 2010, they launched a total of 552 apps out of which 135 were app. This was the start of something that would change the course of mobiles and smartphones. In just a week, users downloaded over 10 million apps! In fact, the word ‘app’ became the word of the year in 2010. Then entered Google play store and the android era and rest became history. Fast forward to today, there are over 2 million apps on the play store!

The Pain Point

However, in contrast to the long strides made in smartphones, not much has been done in the mobile applications space. Sure, there have been newer applications being introduced to solve various solutions. But the fundamental technology of mobile apps has remained the same ever since inception. What’s more is users are spoilt for choice when it comes to mobile apps. There is an app for literally everything! But too many can be bad. On an average, users only use a maximum of 30 application on their smartphone. This is a huge contrast to the 2 million on the play store. The logic is pretty simple, no one wants clutter! Time has come for a change in the mobile app world. Something that is fresh and next-gen.

The Answer in AppBrowzer, The All-In-One App

Having seen the pain point and clutter of apps in the modern day smartphone. It set into motion the solution to address this problem head-on. The obvious answer to solve this problem is to have everything in one place. That would eliminate the clutter. However easier said than done, it’s virtually impossible to get everything in one place. the Team has figured out a way to make use of the best of both worlds by merging web and native app technologies. The idea was to curate an app that gives a wholesome experience for the user without the need to install other apps. The app basically hosts different user-centric categories namely Shopping, Social Media, Games, News, Travel and Booking, Food and so on. You can watch this video to get an idea of what’s we’re talking about. Fast forward to today, AppBrowzer has over 5 lakh installs with an audience that spans across India. This All-In-One approach is changing the way apps are seen, both for end users and developers.

AppBrowzer, All-In-One-App

Standout Features

All this being said, there is another problem, what about the experience. The major challenge to bring it all together is that the normal mobile web apps are not good enough. But the team has found the right balance of integrating instant apps and PWAs that would not deter from the native experience. Further, a key advancement made by AppBrowzer is the introduction of Smart Apps. Our CTO and Co-Founder Venkatesh Rao, he says “Through Smart Apps, we are redefining the way users look at mobile apps”. The advantage of using smart apps is that they are flexible to develop. In turn, you can add/remove apps in them as time progresses. 

AppBrowzer- Smart Apps
Smart Apps

Smart Apps launched recently in October 2018, are basically tailored categories that contain the most used apps. For example, a category like shopping would contain top apps like Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues and Snapdeal together in one screen. But how? Our unique technology allows users to access all the apps in Smart apps with a simple swipe! Yes, with a simple swipe you get access to all the top apps in smart apps. What’s interesting especially in the shopping section, you can compare prices with a single query across these four mentioned platforms. You can read this blog, that gives a detailed explanation on how it works. Similarly, they have built smart apps for other categories like Social Media, Deals, Food, Travel and Hotel booking. Another key feature they have included for smart apps is the ability to add them to your home screen, so now you can access them without even entering the app itself. The best part of using Smart Apps is you can get the top apps in each category. We figured out that on an average each category had at least 3-4 most used apps.

In Conclusion

It’s time to redefine the way we use our smartphones. Currently, we have got limited options when it comes to the apps we use. Users are constantly switching apps and in turn phone, performance and storage is affected. For a long time there was no answer, but now with AppBrowzer, you can get everything in one app. Rightly so, they have termed themselves as the ‘revolutionary All-In-One app’ that’s striving to build next-gen apps for the post-modern smartphone user. AppBrowzer is loved by users with a rating of 4.5. It is available for download on the Play Store.

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