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We as humans are obsessed with communication. In fact, that’s the sole reason we are the most advanced species on planet Earth. Our distinct sense of language has made it possible for the advancement of the human race. The modes of communication have drastically changed over the many years. Long strides have been made in recent years with the advent of Social Media. It has sparked a whole new dimension in the way we function. Its effect is seen in all spheres of life.

The age of Social Media

First off, according to reports, the number of social media users in 2018 is 3.19 billion! That’s half the world’s population right there. Out of that, a whopping 2.95 billion are on some form of social media platform. I’m sure whoever is reading this is scrolling through one or the other social media handles as your reading this. That’s the influence it has had ever since its inception in the early 2000s.

When it comes to different platforms under the umbrella of Social Media, there are just way too many. Facebook leads this metric simply because of its sheer scale. Businesses around the world have capitalized on spending for advertisements to reach a wider audience. Users have benefited from using this platform by connecting with friends and family regardless of location or age. It has truly transformed culture as a whole. Instagram comes next with over a billion daily active users. The photo-sharing platform has really picked up its pace and is one of the fastest growing among the other handles. One of the driving factors to its growth is the simplicity and user experience. Twitter has had its fair share of the pie, however, it has separated itself from the rest of the flock with its unique character limit. It has become a breeding ground for any discussion or debate. Twitter has had its ability to be a major source of communication for several large brands. Another handle that has had its unique space is LinkedIn. The audience and content on LinkedIn, however, it is very different from all the other platforms. It is mainly used for professionals and college graduates that are looking out for a job. Social media has come a long way and is here to stay.

New Age Problem

After noticing the massive usage of social media in our country and people around the globe. There remained an underlying problem. Users have to constantly switch between apps to get to the app of their choice. We spend over 2 hours a day alone on Social Media! Which meant that we constant shuffle between apps on our smartphones. It started a train of thought in AppBrowzer to get it all in one screen. But that’s impossible so the next best thing is to develop and get it on one app through express apps. However, just bringing it under one roof doesn’t really solve the problem. The approach needed something more substantial.

Social Apps in One Screen
A large number of social apps leads to clutter and space constraints on the smartphone

Bringing it all in one place- ‘Smart Social’ on AppBrowzer

To bring it all together, we had to introduce ‘smart apps’. So what are these Smart Apps? Is it any different from the apps of today? They are in essence top categories that users tend to use for their daily needs such as shopping, Food ordering, travel, news etc. Each category would have 3-4 top apps that users would generally go to. For the case of Social Media, it would be called ‘Smart Social’. This would allow users to browse through social media and switch between apps with ease without ever exiting the app. Watch this video to get a better picture. The platforms could easily be accessed with a simple swipe. You can read more about the all-in-one trend on our blog.

In Conclusion

It’s time to make the switch to a more wholesome experience for the post-modern user. We believe AppBrowzer to be the next generation of mobile technology and apps. Through Smart Apps, we aim to bring everything under one roof, in one app- AppBrowzer.  With over a hundred thousand installs, AppBrowzer is available for download on the play store. Get rid of all that clutter on your smartphone and install AppBrowzer today!

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