Conventional Apps vs Smart Apps

Conventional Apps vs Smart Apps

Our fascination with technology has taken us a long way. Without a doubt, the most transformative technology we have seen as a human race is the mobile device. Mobile devices have existed ever since the early 2000s and have never stopped evolving. Believe it or not, the first ever mobile phone was invented back in April 1973. However just like any other thing it has taken time to take flight. In its early stage, they were heavy, slow and not so easy to use. Now some mobiles are even faster than PCs. Such has been the rapid technological advances in this space.

Smartphone & Apps

The term ‘Mobile device’ is slowly fading away, in comes ‘Smartphone’. It has made its strides ever since 2011 with the introduction of the iPhone. So what is a smartphone? In essence, it is a mobile device that performs similarly to a PC or better capable of running downloading applications. It is to be made clear that a smartphone is nothing without the various applications it hosts. In fact, it gets the word ‘smart’ solely because of the plethora of apps available. Apps give users different options. Moreover, mobile users are empowered by the different apps they possess.

A recent report by statista pointed out that there are over 2 million apps on Google Play Store. Now that’s a lot of apps. Here is an interesting stat, India has the second largest mobile app market. No wonder we’re seeing apps developed with a taste for the Indian market. Users are spoilt for choice the moment they possess a smartphone. In this post-modern age, we literally have an app for everything under the sun. Whatever be the problem/service, you can be assured there’s an app for it.

Traditional approach

With the age of the smartphone advancing, the number of apps is only ever increasing. You won’t believe it but there is an average of 3000 plus apps being developed on Google Play store per day! Developers are pushing the boundaries of technology to stand out and bring the best solution to a present-day problem. The reality is that on an average, a user has only 35 apps on the smartphone. That is far too less compared to the total number of apps on the leading stores. Users either have to search organically or come across an advertisement to download a new app. The onus is on the app developer to advertise and bring it to the forefront. According to reports, the average time spent on mobile devices by an adult is a whopping 2 hours, most of it on the applications downloaded. We have written a blog on this in the shopping domain. This causes another problem users to have to switch between multiple apps all the time to use for a particular solution. There had to be something done.

Conventional Apps vs Smart Apps
Traditional Native Apps. Leads to Clutter and Increase Phone Storage

Need for Change

Having observed this trend in the smartphone market. The need of the hour is something that gives users a wholesome experience. Something that is fresh and next-gen. It started the thought process at Appbrowzer of the possibility of having an all-in-one app. Now before we go any further, what is this ‘all-in-one’ concept? The concept is relatively new. In essence, the all-in-one concept is having multiple apps hosted on a single app without the need of downloading the native apps. Several challenges arise when implementing this approach.

After about a year of research and development, we have figured out a way to make use of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and Instant Apps. Our team has figured out a way to make use of best of both worlds by merging web and native app technologies. A question can arise in this scenario. If you develop a PWA or instant apps as we term them on a single app what happens to the user interface? Yes, the user interface is of utmost importance. In fact, one of the top 3 metrics for any app developer is the user interface. With that in mind, the apps within this all-in-one approach have the same if not better experience than the native app itself. The technology with PWA and instant apps enable for fast, reliable and an engaging experience. All this being said, there is another challenge. Now that we know we can have multiple apps in one single application what are the apps we can put. Here come the revolutionary ‘Smart Apps’ from AppBrowzer.

Introducing Smart Apps on AppBrowzer

After establishing the fact that we need an all-in-one approach. Smart apps are the next generation wave of using apps on your smartphone. So now to the question of the hour, what exactly are smart apps? They are a subset of a collection of apps within AppBrowzer. We call them Smart Apps! We organize them into researched categories and collectively they make up Smart Apps. The Smart Apps are created for users to get a seamless experience on their smartphone. Now you don’t need to worry about having so many apps and organizing them into several folders.

Smart Apps
Smart Apps by AppBrowzer

The Different Smart Apps on AppBrowzer

  • Shopping: we have curated a one of a kind category for all shopping lovers. Here you get access to the top shopping apps namely Flipkart, Amazon, Shopclues, Myntra and over 50+ other apps in one screen. Imagine you get all of this without downloading them.
  • Social Media: all your social life is one screen with smart social. In here, you get all your favourite handles Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter all in one screen!
  • Deals: find out the best deals near you with this section.
  • Food: all food lovers are going to enjoy this one. Here you get instant access to all your favourite restaurant from top apps like Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats and Dominos. Its the ultimate must-have for any food lover.
  • Travel: book flights and cabs from a plethora of the best apps in the sector!
  • Hotels: need to book a stay on your next trip? This section has got you covered! Book from multiple options with just a single click.

Here is a list of features that make it a stand out and must have on every mobile device

  • Swipe: with smart apps, you can easily switch between apps in a particular category with a simple swipe.
  • Compare: the swipe feature enables users to compare as well. In particular, the shop smart section, you can get the best deals and multiple options for a single search query across Flipkart, Amazon, Shopclues and Snapdeal.
  • Add to home screen: this is feature unlike any other. When you tap on the ‘+’ sign on the smart apps it gets automatically added to your home screen. This means you don’t need to open AppBrowzer to get the Smart Apps, you can simply get your favourite category with a simple tap.

It’s time to make the switch. It’s time to redefine the way we use our smartphones in the 21st century. At AppBrowzer, we’re striving to bring in the next wave of next-gen revolutionary apps to the smartphone. Let us know what you think about Smart Apps! Download the all-in-one app and let us know your experience in the comments below.

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