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A new dimension to gaming

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Our fascination with games and gaming has spanned over the centuries. However, when it comes to the digital platform, it is something that has started a little over half a century ago. Now, it is one of the biggest industries in the world. It has taken the entertainment world by storm. From its humble beginning with 2D games, it has grown leaps and bounds especially with the technical advances that booms in parallel. According to a stat by WePC, the Asia Pacific region reached a revenue of 51.2 billion U.S. dollars, making them the largest gaming market in 2017. The video games market is expected to be worth over 90 billion US dollars by the year 2020. The driving force behind these numbers is primarily because of its sheer audience and network of users. The latest stat indicates that are over 2.5 billion video gamers from around the world. In India, it is the teens and young adults that have embraced this global wave with about 198 million in 2015 which is expected to hit over 628 million in 2020 according to statistica.

The Transition

We are living in the post-modern era, to be more specific, the digital and technology age. It is only but natural to be at the forefront of anything digital. This is nothing new, we have had games on the mobile since its inception. Remember the early days with games like snake, Tetris, space invaders among others. Seems nostalgic right? Well, now we have far advanced to include AI related games as well. However, with the advances come the many challenges. Especially with hosting these high-performance games on user-centric devices. Most of the games in this day and age are heavy that can only be accessed in specific devices with a particular set of configuration. This automatically decreases the crowd to only a few, mostly full-time gamers. On the contrary, the vast user base remains to be simple people using simple devices. We need something that’s easily accessible and exciting at the same time that would have users on the tips of their fingertips just like any other category.

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Play over 150+ Games on AppBrowzer

We are constantly trying to push boundaries when it comes to the all-in-one app concept. That’s why one of the taglines we love to use is to become that ‘revolutionary all-in-one app’. With this in mind, we decided to include a whole new section in our app. Having seen the increase in the gaming industry and the overwhelming response from the young and vibrant digital India. We partnered with Gamezop, a mobile app-focused and social network for casual games, with users given new games on a weekly basis, which can then be played without the need to download the same. In this gaming section, you have access to over 150+ casually addictive games. Casual games are on the rise and are generally seen to be addictive in nature. They are simple yet at the same time, a challenge is posed to master. Between mastering the games and the challenge posed, users are at it for hours without even realizing it. That was our thought process in selecting something that would ‘stick’ on our app at the same time providing our users with an added enhanced experience.

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The highlight of this brand new section is that it allows users to compete with each other weekly on the latest top games. There is a social angle to this section as well with the ability to share it with friends and family to play and be a part of the fun. You also get the chance to practice till the scoring becomes live! We have seen a massive response to this feature with over 2x increase in user engagement and retention. The reviews we have been receiving has been overwhelmingly positive.

Our Top picks of Games on AppBrowzer

You can bet our team as well has been at it ever since we launched this feature early November. Each one of us has our own tastes, but we came together to look at what all of us enjoy. In the process, it led to an all gaming frenzy. It’s a tough one, but here is our top pick of games on AppBrowzer.

Shade Shuffle is an arcade game that requires logical thinking and the ability to solve puzzles. Fans of Quickslip, Hoop Loop and other Gamezop games will love Shade Shuffle.  Players must match balls to the right colours but within a specified amount of time. The race to twist orbs to the right colour is what makes the game an all-round entertainer.

Pillar Hopper is a game that takes you on a quest jumping from one pillar to another in their quest to explore the land. The controls can be learnt in an absolute instant; however, the gameplay takes some getting used to and it may take some time to estimate the route and speed of the jump from one pillar to another.

QuickSlip is another addictive relaxing game that will challenge you to get the ball without touching any obstacle in its path. It’s the perfect stress buster in our office especially.

In Conclusion

Gaming has never this exciting, with the ability to play, win and coupled with earning some money through it. Get on the bandwagon and enjoy some cool features awaiting on AppBrowzer. Apart from just gaming, you can get access to a dozen other categories like all-in-one shopping, booking, cabs, news, food, social media and more. Declutter all the mess and get busy with just ‘one tap’.

Happy Gaming…

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