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E-Commerce & its Growth

Here’s a stat for you to binge on, a recent study pointed out that there are over 120 million online shoppers in India as of 2018. Most of them predominantly from tier 1 and tier 2 cities. A major contributor and indicator to this being the push for digital India. Reports by Statistica indicate that by the year 2020, there will well over 500 million internet users and its safe to say that a majority of them will be on mobile. Shopping is an age-old tradition and one that needs no explanation. However, we have evolved over the years with the way we shop. Traditional shopping has always been our go-to, but the new trend that finds our fancy is going online and it has exponentially risen over the past couple of years. There are several reasons for this explosive growth, the obvious being convenience, better prices, variety and so on. The rise in the number of E-commerce mobile apps has also contributed to this trend. In 2018, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to options for shopping online.

There is really no stopping this growth, with more apps being developed in this space. With the rise in online shopping, we see it posing a great threat to traditional retail as well. Retailers all over are moving their products online in order to stay in the market. What’s more, with close to 20% of shoppers using mobile devices, it is slowly becoming the most preferred shopping channel. In the next 3 years, this number is expected to rise by a whopping 60%. We’re also seeing a huge chunk of investments being made in this space, which indicate the growth and health of the sector. Further, the push for mobile and digital India has been even greater with users spending more time on their mobiles online. A scientific study states that the average time spent by a user on a mobile device is an astonishing 3 hrs! Most of the time gets allocated to the different apps hosted on it.

Lot of Apps, Wide Variety

We’re living in the smartphone era,  almost everyone owns a smartphone today. With going mobile, comes the need to install multiple apps for various needs. The moment we own a smartphone starts the laborious process of figuring out what apps need to be on the mobile based on personal need. We download apps based on category and one of the primary categories in the 21st century has become shopping online. There are a huge plethora of apps available online for shoppers to go and get busy. Flipkart and Amazon still remain kings in the E-Commerce sector with an average of over 500 million monthly active users on the mobile. Added to this come fashion giants Myntra, Jabong, Bewakoof and many more to the list of shopping apps. We’re seeing a lot of traffic in the fashion space. However, this is just a scratch on the surface, there are numerous other apps available for different niches and gives users access to different types and categories based on multiple factors.

One Tap. Many Shopping Apps.

It’s time to reinvent the mobile shopping experience for the postmodern user. Imagine having all the shopping apps you love in one place, one app! At AppBrowzer, we have done exactly that, allowing users to have access to a plethora of shopping apps all in a single screen, it’s indeed a game changer for shoppers. Introducing the Smart Shop feature with AppBrowzer, which gives you access to all the shopping apps on one screen. It may not seem like a big deal in the beginning, but if you dig deep enough, there are a lot of added benefits to this. For starters, you save precious space on your mobile by having all these shopping platforms in one single app, your RAM performance drastically improves as well instead of sharing the load between multiple independent apps. The home screen opens up to different sections, smart shopping being a part of it. The other sections include a home dashboard, gaming, smart social, news among others. It really gives you access to virtually everything you need for the postmodern day we all live in.

online shopping, appbrowzer

Smart Shop with AppBrowzer

Now let’s get to the real stuff, with the smart shop feature on AppBrowzer, users can get access to the top 4 most popular shopping apps namely- Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues and Snapdeal fitted in one screen. So what? Glad you asked, now you can compare prices, easily switch between apps by swiping to the left or right and get a wide variety of options for a single search between all the apps. With a single search query, users can get prices and related items in all the 4 mentioned apps. We believe this feature will give more power to the end users while they shop online. Apart from the variety of items you get on a single screen, users can save money too by accessing the different shopping apps on AppBrowzer. During sale season this feature allows you to compare prices between apps on the same item enabling you to save that extra buck.

all in one shopping app, appbrowzer

The interface is designed for easy usability and functionality to provide the best shopping experience. What’s more, you get an addition of 40+ shopping apps namely Myntra, eBay, Tata CliQ, LifeStyle, among others to shop from. The best part is that you get the same native experience as the original app! The all-in-one approach also clears your mobile memory and gives you more to do with the additional space. This revolutionary all-in-one shopping approach allows users to easily compare prices and easy shopping. It’s time to delete all the clutter and get AppBrowzer’ all in one app today!

Happy Shopping…

A bit about AppBrowzer

AppBrowzer is a unit of ROID TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD. We curate multiple mobile apps to create the best user experience within AppBrowzer. We call them Express Apps! AppBrowzer is a one-stop revolutionary app that allows users to search, discover, and access multiple EXPRESS APPS, all from one app. We have different sections from smart social, shopping, gaming, travel, and more. 


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