Best stock market apps that make trading a cake walk

Stock trading

Basics of investment and a list of best stock market and bitcoin apps

In this article we will be covering the different types of investment options which include bitcoins, stocks and mutual funds. Once the basics are established, we dive into the best bitcoin apps following which we have covered the best stock market apps. Feel free to scroll down, if you’re here just for the list of apps.

So, unless you have been living under a rock, you must have heard about the latest buzz around Bitcoins and how the value suddenly shot up to hit an all time high. What wasn’t a very famous thing, is now turning out to be the latest fad. Along the same time, the “Mutual funds sahi hai” campaign became ubiquitous. From huge billboards, to TV ads, to radio, to YouTube and every other possible medium of advertisement. The campaign has released a few interesting educational videos to explain to the masses the concept of mutual funds and why mutual funds are the right investments.

Early investors especially in case of bitcoins have now stepped out to shine with the profits they made and the public belief in all of these seem to have hit the summit causing a lot many more people to gain motivation and start investing their money.

You’d be surprised to know that the youngest of folks have started speaking about making investments. All this means, the wave has caused the investment spark in most people and considering the fact that some may still be new to the concept, here’s a quick knowledge transfer on Bitcoins, Stocks and Mutual funds. Additionally, we’ve listed down a few apps that we think are the best stock market apps. We hope you get what you’re looking for in this article. For anything else that we might have missed out on, we are only a comment away.

Let’s start with some basics

What is a bitcoin?

Bitcoin trading

A Bitcoin in very simple term is nothing but a digital currency. This was founded by Satoshi Nakamoto towards the beginning of 2009. There is no physical evidence of the currency as the currency exists in the digital wallet or in a desktop.

This is a decentralised currency meaning no bank or one single entity holds possession of this currency. This digital currency moves around a network of individuals with unique identifiers which reveal all transaction history, authenticity and also ensure that this currency cannot be duplicated.

One can use bitcoins for all kinds of transactions. However, trading of Bitcoins is gaining popularity as a recent trend. Many marketplaces called “bitcoin exchanges” allow people to buy or sell bitcoins using different currencies.

What is stock trading?

stock trading

Stock trading is as simple as any transaction you can think of. You give money and in exchange you get something in return. In this case, you buy shares in exchange for money. You buy shares of companies that list themselves available to the public. Just like the Bitcoin marketplace is called a bitcoin exchange, stock markets go by the name stock exchange and companied by getting themselves listed on the stock exchange open themselves for people to buy shares in exchange for money and these shares are known as stocks. And as the companies incur their profits and losses, the value of your shares increases and decreases respectively.

For you to be able to invest your money you either can do the trading yourself or hire a well experienced trader from an agency to do the trading for you. Once you decide on how you’re going to proceed, you need to create a demat account which will then hold shares in your name. The demat account holds in it the proof of all the shares you own.

Along with the demat account, you need to open another account known as the trading account. If you hire an external trader, they usually take care of this. This account basically let’s you trade in the market. The money required to buy and the returns from your trades are also credited/deducted from your trading account.

What are mutual funds?

Mutual funds

A mutual fund is a professionally managed investment fund that pools money from many investors to purchase securities according to a stated strategy. Investors can purchase stocks directly from share market or may do so via mutual funds. When they do so in the form of mutual funds, it is usually done into a professionally managed investment and the investors will be paying some fee to avail the services.

Once a person invests in mutual funds, they’d be investing in stocks, bonds, cash or a combination of those assets and the entities of your holding will be your portfolio.

So to summarise, a bitcoin is a digital currency that can be used to trade or perform transactions across the globe. Stock trading implies possession of shares in a company that exhibits itself as available to the public. And mutual funds are professionally managed investments which include a diverse portfolio.

The one thing common about all these is the fact that their market value keeps fluctuating at an unpredictable frequency. This makes it needless to say that only a mobile app can help you keep a tab on all of the variations and keep up to date with the latest stock price. Be you a regular inspector or an annual dealer, it is always advisable to keep at least two best stock market apps (two to validate and verify your doubts if any) you feel suits you for a quick catch up. So, we’ve rolled out below the list of best bitcoin apps and best stock market apps that will help to get you rolling with your investments,

Best bitcoin trading apps

Coinbase, Blockfolio and zTrader are among the most popular bitcoin apps that are circulating among the masses. All of these apps have a user rating above 4 on the AppStore and Google Play and free to use. zTrader is only available on the Android while the other 2 are available on both iOS and Android.

Coinbase – this is a San Francisco based digital currency exchange which allows transactions through bank accounts and credit cards. Coinbase has recently hit the Indian market and is for sure a must try app especially if you’re a beginner because this is a beginner friendly app that makes bitcoin transactions extremely easy to understand.

zTrader – with this you can trade or exchange cryptocurrency in real-time without owning a personal computer. This app makes it possible for you to trade hundreds of digital currencies on 17 different exchanges. However, this may be a little advanced for a first time trader because the app is targeted at sufficing the requirements of trading veterans.

Blockfolio – this is yet another easy to use tool which has its own news section which lets you stay updated on all information. This app lets you track and play with over 800 cryptocurrencies. Price notifications, candlestick charts, orderbook, and market details for every coin makes this tool super convenient for its users.

Best stock market apps

Undoubtedly, when you look at the best stock market apps, the most listed app in this section is MoneyControl. Besides this the Yahoo Finance and ET markets are among the other best stock market apps. Again, all of these apps are well established among the masses and have provided enough service to be entitled to a rating of over 4. Let’s look at each of these a little more in depth.

MoneyControl – This is the simplest yet most powerful according to us. This beast of an app therefore tops the list of best stock market apps and is India’s leading financial information source. Through the MoneyControl app you can manage your finance with an online investment portfolio, keep an eye on live stock price, stay up to date with stock trading news and so much more.


Yahoo Finance – with its headquarters in New York, Yahoo’s finance wing is a media property that is part of Yahoo!’s network. It provides financial news, data and commentary including stock quotes, press releases and financial reports. Also famous among the masses. With Yahoo Finance, you can follow the stocks you care about most and get personalized news and alerts.

ET Markets – this is yet another personal favorite to the masses with its user base crossing the million mark. This app is known for all latest stock related news, mutual fund news, NAVs , portfolio updates , fund analysis , its SIP calculator and much more. ET Market is now available in 8 regional Indian languages to make it more convenient for the native regional users.

Economic times

One thing about all these apps, is that they acquire quite some space on your mobile and that’s exactly the problem we at AppBrowzer are trying to solve. We let people use these apps without having to download it. It will still be like you’ve downloaded the app, but you wouldn’t need to. It saves phone memory space and data as we auto update all the apps thereby not requiring our users to update it. With all the buzz around trading, our next to acquire is one among the best stock market apps and one among the bitcoin apps. We’d love to know from you the app you want us to add to our kitty. Comment below or write to us to let us know which app according to you are the best stock market apps and bitcoin apps.

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