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There are about a gazillion apps on the Android Play Store. Picking and choosing the best entertainment apps from that big a lot is going to be an extremely frustrating experience and time consuming.

The next biggest frustration factor comes from having a personal list of best entertainment apps and having to choose between those apps to decide what to keep and what to discard. We, at AppBrowzer, are trying to solve all these problems by letting users try and use multiple apps without having to download them. Our intent is to let them be able to use not only the best entertainment apps but apps of all categories without having to compromise. We are an app aggregator platform housing the best of apps across all categories. You can checkout the number of apps we already have in our buckets by downloading the AppBrowzer app.

While we work towards getting more and more of these best entertainment apps in our kitty, our content team wanted to deliver something of value to you meanwhile and here’s an outcome of the feeling.

When we were thinking what could be the greatest value addition to people, we accidentally happened to come across this statistic, according to a 2015 smartphone use survey conducted by pewinternet.

Average smartphone usage

This tickled our fancy and we jumped straight into deciding that a consolidated list of the best entertainment apps is exactly what you need to keep that frown upside down.

So, we dug deeper to find out that the following categories of apps were most used by people for the purpose of entertainment –

  • Funny apps
  • Self broadcasting apps
  • Game apps
  • Ticket booking apps
  • Video on Demand apps

We picked each category to analyse to leave you with the best entertainment apps under all of these categories. Let’s see which ones made it to our ‘Best Entertainment Apps’ list and why.

Funny apps

We all need our dosage of fun and that is a need that should be included in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs considering the amount of stress that surrounds us on a daily basis. Light content through funny apps like these, according to us are the best entertainment apps to make our lives a wee bit more fun to live –

  1. Talking tom – Irrespective of how annoying some find the Talking Tom app to be. It is always great fun to listen to Tom’s imitation. Though we might not enjoy being imitated, we think it’s great fun to go back to our childhood and irritate a few dear ones once in a while.
  2. AutoRap by Smule – This app makes you dream of becoming a rapper, come true. All you need to do is just talk. With Autorap, you can select from over 100 beats from artists like Nicki Minaj, Eminem, Tupac, and Snoop Dogg. Oh what fun it could be to catch on record your boss’s abuse and listen to it as a rap!
  3. 9GAG – With millions of visitors everyday, 9GAG is the app for you to LOL, kill time and make new friends all around the world. Best part, 9GAG app loads fast and allows effortless scrolling. From funny cat videos to memes, 9GAG has got you all covered. This app could be among the best entertainment apps for those scroll addicts.

Self broadcasting apps

Everyone is their own life’s hero. Agree? Then what is the harm in trying to get a celeb fame. Self broadcasting apps listed below have made this a possibility by creating apps, letting us capture our moment of fame and share it with the world.

  1. Musically – Hands down, this app has made the dramatist in everyone pop out. This app lets you record your dance moves or enact to famous movie dialogues and share it with the Musically community and additionally your social circle if you wish to. From kids to young adults to old people, everyone can use musically to go viral with their moves. I’d like to include this in the best entertainment apps list because of the addictive ingredient in the app.
  2. Smule – This app brings out the Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar in everyone. Smule works on a freemium model. The app lets you modulate your voice to take your musical a notch higher. A total entertainer for the best of trained singers to even the worst of bathroom singers.

Ticket Booking apps – Events and movies

Though the apps themselves aren’t entertainment apps, they are channels to getting exposure to some of the the greatest entertaining gigs in the surroundings and we thought it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t include them. So, here are our personal favourites –

  1. BookMyShow – Hands down, for the number of verticals it handles, BookMyShow is undoubtedly the best event booking app. It educates and allows people to book movie tickets, plays, concert tickets, workshops, outdoor experiences and a lot more. The best part of it all is the beautiful UX that allows for easy usability.
  2. Insider – This, does more or less the same functionality as that of BMS. However, sometimes, the event lists vary. Some really good events like NH7 Weekender, Backdoors etc. are exclusive to Insider making it another essential. Besides, Insider also houses sport events, camping and trekking events on its platform.
  3. PVR Cinemas – This needs not too much explanation. It’s a movie ticketing app. However, we particularly chose to add this to let you know that you should look out or special offers that they run at times which would not be available on other ticketing apps. They are known to have discounts, 1 +1s, free popcorn and a lot many other offers.


This is something we want to cover in another article owing to the different genres attracting different target audiences. However, to not leave you hanging if you were looking forward to this section, here’s a list of addictive that’s almost a no brainer.

Candy Crush Saga: Yes, this is that game, which when you didn’t know about, annoyed you each time a notification sat on your Facebook and then when you wanted to see what the hell it was all about, got you hooked. Every home maker’s best friend is what you might have heard, but maybe that’s not all true. Candy crush has always been among the best entertainment apps in the games category and is enjoyed by people of all age groups. This is increasingly interesting because of the eye pleasing visuals and sounds of the game.

Candy crush saga

2048: There’s only one thing to crack in this game which shows you the way to beat your own high score by 10 times before you knew the hack. 2048 is a single-player sliding block puzzle game by Italian web developer Gabriele Cirulli.When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one tile with the numbers being added. The game doesn’t stop at 2048 though, if any of you know why it’s still called 2048, we’d love to know in the comments section below.


Psych: This is an exciting new party game to play with your friends! In Psych, you choose from a variety of fun categories in which each player makes up fake answers to real trivia questions. Can you choose the outrageous real answer among your friends’ fakes? Get points for guessing the right answers and additional each time you psych a friend (you psych a friend when they pick your answer instead of the right answer) A total fun game and a must try!


Best Video on Demand apps:

VOD apps are essentially those apps that provides online video streaming services. This was a service barely known to India till about the beginning of 2015. Today, there are about a dozen Both international and local players started launching their VOD apps to cater to the Indian markets some of which, covered both international and regional media content. Here are the different VOD apps that are currently actively used in the market.

  1. Hotstar: The first entrant into the Indian market. This was launched by Star India in February, 2015. They launched the app right before the 2015 Cricket World Cup. With the cricket madness in India Hotstar was almost considered synonymous to best entertainment apps because of its offering. Initially people looked at the app as a cricket match streaming service. However, over time with the addition of about 35,000 hours of content spanning across 8 different languages and covering other segments such and entertainment and movies, Hotstar has managed to still be among the most used VOD app in the Indian market today.
  2. Netflix: This was the first international player to extend its services in India. It hit the Indian markets in January 2016. Netflix brought with it all the hype about video streaming. VOD was the topic of town when Netflix first launched. Netflix adopted the glocalisation model by including bollywood media content. However, the giant stuck Bollywood and didn’t move beyond. The thing that make Netflix a hit was its exclusives known as Netflix Originals.The most famous Originals include Narcos, House of Cards, Black Mirror etc. Another interesting fact is that Netflix is also working on a VR model, do give it a shot.
  3. Voot: Voot is the digital arm of Viacom 18 and launched in March 2016. It is Viacom18’s advertising-led video-on-demand platform that is available as an app for iOS and Android users, and a website for desktop consumption. Voot focuses on regional content more than any other player making it popular among the masses. Voot spent huge amounts of money sponsoring regional TV shows to reach the masses and grab the attention of all households who form a major chunk of the user base, today.
  4. Amazon Prime: Amazon made a entry with Prime, not merely as a VOD service, but as a prime membership that came with several privileges for the Amazon prime users. Apart from the video streaming services, prime members were eligible for faster and free deliveries and were also entitled to special offers during sale period. Also, all of this came at a measly cost of INR 500 for a year. The affordability and inclusion of regional media content, let Amazon prime establish its footprint in the market.

These are among the best entertainment apps that we think are great. Irrespective of how these best entertainment apps amuse us, the common problem of phone memory always comes in the way. Again, AppBrowzer is trying to solve just that. Read this article on Decluttering your app, the right way to know how it will be possible to house all your favorites without compromise.

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