Decluttering your phone, the right way!

Decluttering your phone, the right way!


Clutter means annoyance, simple! Minimalism is taking over. 

Ever felt guilty while deleting a news app because youre not that frequent a reader, but still, the hope of starting someday makes you not want to uninstall the app? We all have one or more apps for each function thats important to us. If I asked you to delete a few, your first response would be, I think Im going to use this app. Ever been in a similar situation where you sat down to delete a few apps but just couldnt because you thought you needed everything? If yes, this article has some valuable offering for you, read on!

We at AppBrowzer sat to solve exactly this problem. We acknowledged the fact that deleting apps isnt the wisest thing to do when you know that it may be of even the slightest of use to you at a later point in life and worked around it to arrive at what we think is the perfect solution to this problem, the AppBrowzer app!

Oh no, another app! We feel you but, the team strongly believes in the concept of A thorn to remove a thorn and hear me further before you cut loose and walk away. Trust me when I say, you will not regret your read.

So, AppBrowzer in short lets you replace all your essential apps with just one app! Yes, you heard that right. With AppBrowzer, you can go ahead and delete all those apps you feel is eating up too much space on your phone. It has been successful in bringing to reality the concept of One tap. Many apps.

So what exactly does AppBrowzer do?

This all-in-one app sits on your phone occupying as little as 18 MB and lets you browse through the content of so many other apps that otherwise would require a download. This helps you save up on your phone space, RAM and even Data.

With AppBrowzer you do not have to feel bad about not being able to use more and more apps due to memory and data constraints. Be it getting your news, booking a cab or a hotel, using your e-wallets, etc. AppBrowzer has taken the complete responsibility to have you covered. Yes, this means you can now book a cab without installing Uber, you can now shop on Amazon and Flipkart without having the respective apps installed.

The best part, you do not even have to worry about timely updates that the app requires you to do because, AppBrowzer auto-updates all of its apps. We address the apps we have in our bucket as express apps since all you need to do is tap to use the apps.

Convinced ?


That was quick and were super happy we could get you to understand the value proposition already. Please download app here.


Need more convincing? Well, that’s not a problem! We’re sure our app has enough value addition for you that would get you hooked on us. Just read further!

Lets dive a little deeper now

The AppBrowzer interface is vigilantly designed to ensure best user experience. Beside the friendly User Interface, utmost care is taken to test and verify the express apps so that safety concerns arent in the picture and the apps function as fast as it possibly can.

There are 3 primary sections on the app which are:

  1. Experience
  2. Explore
  3. My Apps

The Experience Section

The Experience Section is the home screen where we have placed basic app categories by thoughtfully dividing the apps based on their functionality. There are 6 categories which include:

  • Recharge and bills
  • News
  • Food
  • Cabs
  • Shopping
  • Flights

A tap on any of these takes you to the designated app or list of apps you could choose to use.

Our intelligence system also analyses the top performing apps and lists them on the home screen so that you can access them with little or no efforts put on finding the app. Besides these, we have prioritized live news to help you keep up to date with the current affairs. The Trending news widget on the Experience Section facilitates this objective of ours.

The Explore Section

This section would be a persona favorite to most of you because this section houses some of most entertaining and beneficial aspects including but not limited to social, games, entertainment, deals besides the regular app categories.

Rest assured, a frequent follow up on this section is going to reward you with exclusive deals.

The My Apps Section

Trust us when we say we know how annoying it is to repeat processes. Automation has helped us techies move out of it and we will do everything in our reach to help move you out of hassles. The app lets you browse through your most frequently used apps by stacking them all in the My apps section. This means you will not have to look for an app every single time you want to use it. Instead, you can just launch the app and directly go to the My Apps section to enjoy browsing the app of your choice for the moment.

As of today, the app has over 200 apps as express apps which a user can use without having to download it and we are continually adding more and more apps into our bucket to increase the scope and enhance the experience for all our users. We take great pride in serving this convenience to over 170,000 people who have helped us receive a 4.5 rating on the Play store. Why dont you mark a +1 and make us feel happier about our product?

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