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Problem In The Current App World

Building apps is back-breaking. Downloading them is even more!
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Using Apps

Fundamental problem is you have to download apps to try them.

Apps take phone space, RAM, network bandwidth and other resources.

1.6 million apps in app store makes visibility of one app < 0.1%.

Smartphone becomes a brick phone after downloading approx 80 Apps.

App discovery is a big hurdle. There is no Google for mobile apps.

No single sign-in for multiple apps.

Building Apps

Expensive, resource intensive & lacks common platform.

Appbrowzer Solution

Convert a website into an app in minutes. And browse using an app URL!

Using App 2.0

App 2.0 can be browsed using an app URL (similar to a web URL).

It's light, requires minimal space, RAM and storage.

Open all App 2.0 through a single app. No downloads required.

Single Sign-in for all App 2.0.

Building App 2.0

AppBrowzer let's you build futuristic Apps (we call them App 2.0).

Requires no technical skills, it's free and works out of the box.

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Appbrowzer Product

Website - Platform to create App 2.0 & App cards
App - Browser to browse them!
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Build App 2.0 in 3 easy steps

Download plug-ins available on our platform and convert your website into App 2.0.

Build App 2.0 using any platform and use our protocols to make them AppBrowzer ready (coming soon).

If you do not have a website or online presence, use our App 2.0 builder platform to build your very own App 2.0 (coming soon).

Use App 2.0 in 1 easy step

Download the "Appbrowzer" app from play store and type the app URL to browse App 2.0.

Who Can Use Appbrowzer?

Businesses, publishers and developers build App 2.0 & App cards.
Customers and users browse!

Instantly, convert news, article, blog and content sites to App 2.0.

E-commerce sites can start selling their products in minutes.

Shop from multiple stores without the need to download individual apps.

Restaurants can use App 2.0 for taking reservations and ordering.

Taxi operators and aggregators like Uber can accept bookings.

Request a cab from Uber, Lyft or Ola from a single App.

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